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Logistics facilities designed for a variety of logistics operation style are supported by asset management.
Making use of experience in the logistics business, we propose optimal logistics real estate to customers.

At logistics bases such as land and buildings to perform logistics business, we carry out efficient operation of facilities by asset management, becoming a part of total logistics solution that we provide.
Making use of our experience, know-how and abundant information network cultivated as logistics operator, we provide intermediary services between optimal logistics facilities and corporate tenants based on customer needs.

Supports total logistics solution

Logistics base strategy, which is important in logistics operation. In logistics facility operations, we analyze and manage the site location characteristics which influence the transport and delivery, and the facility characteristics such as land and buildings which influence the workability.
For optimal operation, we have also carried out arrangements for our owned or third-party facilities.
We provide integrated logistics services that connect the domestic and foreign, which are supported by asset management.

Intermediary service by making use of logistics know-how

We manage know-how cultivated through logistics business performance over the years and database that makes use of information network such as from group companies.
Based on performance as logistics operator, being different from proposal as a mere “real estate”, ascertaining needs of lessor (seller) and lessee (buyer), we match optimal logistics facility and corporate tenant.

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