Our ServicesFoodstuffs and Consumables

We deliver foods and consumer products imported from all over the world to each delivery destinations in Japan by high-quality services through optimal access which takes advantage of different local ports.

By building a local port network that connects manufacturing bases and suppliers around the world with consumers and shippers across the country in Japan, we are creating an efficient logistics system.
Using our know-how cultivated by association with a wide range of customers as a trading company-affiliated logistics company, we combine optimally essential elements for sustained growth such as safety, hygiene, environment, efficiency, and profit, and provide custom-made services covering from upstream to downstream.

Reliable operations

We offer integrated logistics management from manufacturing bases around the world to logistics and sales bases across the country in Japan.
Making use of our know-how in the transportation, customs clearance and storage relating to foods and consumer products, we can function as your logistics department and deliver the goods touching consumer’s mouth and skin with reliable operation.

Building the optimal logistics

In order to access more directly and closely to delivery destinations, we propose a combination of various transportation, connecting ports in each overseas country with ports in each region in Japan, and the way of storage.
Keeping pace with drastically changing demand from consumer market, we construct optimal logistics managed on the total aspect which correspond to not only change of domestic transportation and place of storage but also change of port of destination on the way of overseas transportation and storage.

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