Our ServicesApparel and Related Goods

In the apparel and related goods industry where consumer demands easily fluctuate, we can respond flexibly to production and sales strategies through the latest logistics know-how and operations.

In partnership with our customers we make proposals for optimal logistics schemes to respond to production and sales strategies in the trend-sensitive apparel and fashion sundries industry, and execute operations based on these proposals.
Making use of the know-how we have accumulated through our work with industry leaders, we provide total support, allowing our clients to shorten the lead-time from production to sales, improve logistics quality, and reduce costs.

Integrated transportation from the production site to the store

We offer a seamless and integrated logistics service from the overseas(or domestic) production site to the domestic (or overseas) store.
Using strict quality control, we provide sea and air transportation, customs clearance, distribution processing, bonded warehousing, carton transportation, and GOH (garment on hanger) transportation.
We have an inspection and distribution processing center in China, and while carrying out inspections to ensure that the customer's quality standards are met, we conduct distribution processing such as tagging, packing, and sorting the products by destination store, and deliver them to stores both in Japan and overseas.

Total Logistics Solutions based on needs

We propose optimized distribution and information systems in accordance with the production and sales plans of our clients.
By managing information from production to delivery in an integrated way, and promptly providing necessary information, we propose and execute plans to allow our clients to operate their logistics with the most suitable method.

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